Who We are?

Store Display A.Ş has been providing the retail market and brand manufacturers innovative display solutions since end of 2014. started as official business partner of HL Display Holding AB, and transformed a 100% local production enterprise, we offer global approach and service to our existing and potenstial clients.

Our Core business is to provide flexible solutions for merchandising and in-store communications in order to increas our customer’s visibility and brand brand identify. Our supporting production process is:

-Injection Moulding

-Plastics Extrusion

-Printing & heat bending

-Acrylics processing

Our Global assortement programme covers more than 300 diffrenet products including datastrip systems, acrylic solutions, cross merchandising and in-store merchandising solution, bin holders, frames systems, led panels, illumination systems and LED screens.

For further information please contact us.